Thursday, October 31, 2019

Lone Star (Movie) Movie Review Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Lone Star ( ) - Movie Review Example The movie, Lone Star, is a story is about multiculturalism and it tries to illustrate different types of interactions and the resulting tensions brought about by lack of adherence of the set standards of behavior and/or the extremity of actions that were done without foreseeing the repercussions. John Sayles, the writer and director of the film, is obsessed with the past and how it shapes our present and future; many of the characters are either running from their past or trying to uncover them, metaphorically this is multiculturalism in a nutshell. In the film, Sheriff Sam Deeds gets his job because of his father’s reputation of fairness and justice to the citizens of Rio County (Lone Star, Video); a trait that in one way shapes Sam’s present in that he did not have to go through the rigorous training and promotional processes to get the Sheriff job as people thought he could serve with the same qualities as his father. To the contrary, Sam hates the profession and the duties involved with the job simply from the fact that he did not view his father as a legend but a distant parent who cheated on his mother on several occasions with unnamed mistress; who happens to be his girlfriend’s mother. ... lm, Sam uncovers why his father and Mercedes Cruz, who was his girlfriends’ mother strongly opposed his relationship with Pilar Cruz, as they could be involved in incest, and that his father used his patronage to enrich his friends and allies. The behavioral decay and extremity of actions done for personal interests at the expense of society’s wellbeing and the repercussions thereafter are brought out in the story which is a reflection of the society’s misguided selfishness. For instance, as Sam investigates Charlie Wade’s murder, he uncovers how the former sheriff terrorized the locals to an extent of killing Eladio, Mercedes Cruz’s husband, whom he caught smuggling illegal immigrants, and he, Wade, was also extorting money from business community in the name of protecting them; a culture he had adopted from Buddy, Sam’s father. This leads to a series of repercussions that affect the society in that the death of Eladio leads to Sam’s father relationship with Mercedes Cruz whereby Pilar was born, in a bid to cover up his personal corruption interests, Wade confronts Otis for protection money but he is killed by Hollis and Buddy took Wade’s payoff to his mistress, Mercedes Cruz. At this point, it is evident that a clear definition of one’s responsibilities to the society and the importance of adhering to the society’s norms, values and standards is brought out as the repercussions tend to affect the whole society despite the simple and single cause. Metaphorically, the lives lived by the characters in the film represents people running from their past and/or revelations of the actions done in the past which can be attributed to the diversity in the society by then but evils grounded on the lack of respect/concern about the coexistence by some society

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